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Cameron Darwen - Direct Earth Ltd

"The ability to capture our standard operating procedures has enabled our staff to evolve in their positions, clearly understanding their role within the company and how they can add value to help the company succeed. It also gives me the security that if a key staff member is unavailable for a length of time, others can access an in-depth list of tasks to achieve what needs to be done. These captured procedures ensure that daily tasks become routine and nothing is missed. This is a product well supported by the Business Improvement Company, and their experience in facilitation and business coaching to date far exceeds others that I have experienced."

Philippa Lewis - Tendercare Franchising Ltd

"I am very pleased to recommend the Business Improvement Company.  As the owner of a small to medium-sized business, I found it difficult to keep up with the orderly documentation of systems and business information. I've found the Business Improvement Company has an excellent platform for documenting everything there is to know about our business and for communicating easily with staff who are not all in one place at one time.  The input and encouragement from Phil Coutts is an excellent motivating factor, keeping us on track and extending our thinking.   Our Intranet is now an excellent daily tool in our business, with all there is to know about us in one place.  It is easy to make amendments and keep information up to date."

"Fantastic - we're so pleased to incorporate systems into our business!"

Nigel Smith - NSA Limited

"My Staff use our Intranet regularly.  It clearly spells out how to do things, who is responsible and when things are to be done...  it's good value for money. Any one of my staff members can now leave, and a new person can automatically pick up their job." 

Tramel & Tony Edelsten - Edelsten Trading Limited

"We've been working with Phil and the Business Improvement Company for some time now, and it has been nothing short of motivational and uplifting.  Phil has given us the tools to ensure that our businesses are being run to their maximum potential in all areas, ranging from operations through to staff.  He has assisted us with health and safety and has helped us systemise all area's of our business which has included implementing our own best practice business intranet.  Nothing is ever a hassle for Phil and he is always willing to help and go above and beyond which is not something that is common nowadays. I would have no hesitations in recommending Phil to anyone who is feeling like their business needs structure, help with systems, mentoring, and of course implementation. The service that Phil provides is priceless and it has helped our business to grow immensely. If you’re thinking about it, do it! You won’t regret it!"

Cameron McGregor - McGregor Bailey

"The Business Improvement Company has allowed us to quickly, efficiently and systematically upgrade and clearly define jobs and roles within the office. Every employee now has at their fingertips full details of their job, activities, company policies, knowledge base and so on. Training new employees is now going to be a breeze."

Ross Barraclough – Harveys NZ Ltd

" Rather than visiting or calling branches to discuss historical matters, we are now visiting more often to talk about business growth, trends and ideas. The Business Improvement Company has certainly increased the quality of our franchise communications and also our ability to provide even better consistency of service for our Business owners.” 

Mike Hill - Hillmac Electrical Ltd

"Our Best Practice Business Intranet is now the go to place for all our company related documents and systems.   Phil has provided us with a platform that incorporates a lot of the essential elements required to run a successful contracting company.  I found Phil very proactive in ensuring we gave as much detail as possible to ensure a good structure was set in place. This covered all aspects, including our various roles within the business and the activities associated with them.  As an Electrical contracting company we utilise the intranet daily for Health and Safety, technical information, Key Client Info, Call Out Rosters, News Boards, the list goes on.  All of this is readily accessible for the whole team to benefit from.  I would highly recommend Phil and the services he provides."

Peter Schibli – Business Coach

Thanks for the URL - I've used it to have another look through already - it is such a fabulous service. I'll certainly be showing it to people who I think might purchase it from you. Keep up the great work. It is inspiring to see a world-class operation, especially one that adds so much value to its clients.

BDS - ICANZ Special Interest Group

"Our members have been asking for an effective, systemised approach to internal procedures and activities, not only for themselves but for their clients as well.  We have found nothing to surpass the Business Improvement Company's system and their backup support.  We highly recommend it to all practitioners who want to see an immediate, measurable improvement in productivity." 

Meri Jones - Wai Ata Productions Ltd

Your Business Birds Eye View" presentation was and is absolutely brilliant. In my 35 years of working out there, this is the best practice model for all companies, great or small.


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